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Colleges at The University of Utah that will match your scholarship:

  • College of Engineering
  • College of Science*

*Department of Chemistry match began with 2009 scholarship recipients cash advances payday loan. Scholarship matches from all other departments in the College of Science payday loans in 1 hour in Kansas began with the 2010 scholarship recipients.

Note: Students who have received a scholarship(s) from the University of Utah valued payday advance loans in Florida at $2,000 or more are NOT eligible for the scholarship match.

College of Engineering Matching Limit: $25,000
College of Science Matching Limit: $2,000

Process to Receive Match:

  1. Your senior year of high school, apply for priority admission to the University of Utah by December 1.
  2. After you receive your letter of admission, apply for the University of Utah ( and College of Science ( or College of Engineering ( freshman scholarships before February 1. If you miss this deadline, you may risk losing the matching support.
  3. Notify the College of Science or the College of Engineering by May 1 of your intent to accept your scholarship.