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by Kiersten Clements
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A new study published in the October issue of the American Sociological website for 123 cash now payday loan Review (ASR) reported that women are not becoming personal car loan paperwork engineers because of confidence issues. According website for 123 cash now payday loan to the ASR news release, “The payday loans store locations study found that the real issue for female engineering students 30 day loan no credit check is their lack of ‘professional role confidence.’ Among other payday title loans in indiana things, this term encompasses people’s faith in their payday loans store locations ability to go out into the world and be professional engineers and their belief that engineering website for 123 cash now payday loan fits their interests and values.”

I particularly was disturbed by observations made by the study’s lead author, Erin Cech, a Postdoctoral payday loans store locations Fellow at Stanford University’s Clayman Institute 30 day loan no credit check for Gender Research:

“Women engineering students go to the same classes, take the same tests, and get the same GPAs as men, sometimes ssi payday loans online even higher. But what we found is that the women in our study developed less confidence personal car loan paperwork in their engineering expertise than men did and they also developed less confidence that engineering website for 123 cash now payday loan is the career that fits them best, even though they went through the same preparation process as men.”

As a result of this lack of confidence, women who begin 30 day loan no credit check engineering programs in college are less likely than men to complete them. While 30 day loan no credit check I am not an engineer, this issue of lack of confidence in a historically male-dominated industry resonated payday loans store locations with my own educational experience. As an undergraduate student I minored in business 30 day loan no credit check management. I remember feeling a sense of inferiority, regardless of how well I performed e loan refinance, compared to my male classmates who seemed to exude confidence. When I later decided payday title loans in indiana to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, I entered quick guaranteed personal loans the program with even less female representation, and even a greater fear of my ability to perform at the same level e loan refinance as the men in the program. However, during my MBA and through more group projects than I’d website for 123 cash now payday loan care to remember, I discovered that while my approach to business payday loans store locations topics and issues was often different than my male peers list of poor credit lenders, it was not inferior and in fact added value to the team’s final product e loan refinance.

So what does this have to do with women in engineering? Cech says that the lack of confidence women have “stems from very subtle ssi payday loans online differences in the way that men and women are treated in engineering programs personal car loan paperwork and from cultural ideologies about what it means to be a competent payday loans store locations engineer.” As students choosing majors or recent website for 123 cash now payday loan college graduates considering career opportunities payday title loans in indiana, it’s important that we do not allow our insecurities to steer us away from challenging personal car loan paperwork careers that will allow us to maximize our capabilities. Subtle differences list of poor credit lenders in the treatment of men and women as well as cultural ideologies may magnify personal car loan paperwork differences in male and female engineers and communicate mixed payday title loans in indiana signals about what employers value in their engineers website for 123 cash now payday loan. However, instead of automatically assigning inferiority to those differences ssi payday loans online, women can develop professional confidence as they identify how those differences website for 123 cash now payday loan are in fact strengths.

If you’re considering engineering or are currently studying engineering 30 day loan no credit check and starting to have doubts, take a few minutes and visit EngineerGirl! The website features personal car loan paperwork over 100 profiles of women engineers. These profiles are excellent examples website for 123 cash now payday loan of women who have chosen careers that align with their interests and values ssi payday loans online and who have confidence in their professional abilities. If they can do it, so can you!

Are you a female engineering student or professional list of poor credit lenders? How have you developed the confidence to continue on this career path?

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